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I rarely write fanfic.... - Shared Scribbles

panteraoncaJul. 16th, 2007 10:10 am I rarely write fanfic....

But the truth is, I saw the latest HP movie yesterday, and this was my gut-level, emotional response to Dolores Umbridge.


Dolores Umbridge was sitting at her desk drinking tea, kittens a-mew on the wall behind her, going over the bloody lines she'd had those naughty, whiny first-years write. Ah, discipline. It gave her such a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Suddenly, her good north light was blocked as something came between her and the window. Or rather, came through the window, and was now crouched in the frame like a large, sly-eyed, scruffy-bearded bird.

She snatched at her wand--and watched it fly across the room, into her visitor's hand.

Sylar glanced at it, looked at Dolores, and cocked his head, staring in the general area of her hairline. "Mmmm," he said, eyes gleaming covetously. "...magic."

He stepped down into the room.


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