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So...intros all around.... - Shared Scribbles

panteraoncaJun. 29th, 2007 11:25 am So...intros all around....

Hi guys. My name's Becca, I'm the maintainer, and I started this group so folks I knew could have a place to share their stuff around and do the writergeek thing.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, I've had a few short stories and nonfiction articles published, I've worked on a magazine staff as an editor, and I'm a gamer geek. I do some poetry, but most of my stuff is fiction--largely short stories.

If you had to stick my stuff in one box it'd probably be something left-field like "literary horror" or "literary dark fantasy". Truth is, I've done everything from gut-ripping, socially-critical splatterfests to very silly fantasy.

Most of my writing is character-based. I develop a character, their history and situation, and often find them doing things I didn't expect but which make for good story. In the case of many short stories, however, things become plot-based instead.

I'm currently working on a short non-supernatural thriller. I joined writemore to get my per-week word count up, and am now shooting for 1500 words a week.

Anyone else want to introduce themselves?

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